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Yes & Me and You and Everyone We Know

I've been meaning to sit down and write about these films for what seems like ages. Actually, I've had this post sitting on my desktop for weeks and have just never managed to sit down and finish it. But I have been wanting to point out these small independent summer films, because they'll slip beneath the radar of most people. But Yes and You and Me and Everyone We Know may be among the best and most refreshingly original films I've seen this year. Yes I have been eagerly awaiting this film since reading reviews of it from the 2004 Toronto film festival. Yes is the most recent film from Sally Potter (Orlando, The Tango Lesson) and although I haven't found a strong personal connection with her films in the past, but they are so unique in outlook and innovative that I try not to miss them. But Yes poses a bit of a problem as far as describing it as there is absolutely nothing I can compare it to. It is a romantic, mature, erotic, unapologetically politica