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This weekend’s movies

Breakfast on Pluto : I have been completely infatuated with Neil Jordan’s films ever since seeing The Crying Game , but I was a little worried about Breakfast on Pluto . Actually, I was ecstatic as soon as I had read about this project about a young Irish man known as kitten during the early 1970s glam era. A gender ambiguous character, played by Cillian Murphy, in London during the 1970s sounded like the best cinema experience since Velvet Goldmine. I couldn’t wait. So I picked up the book a while back. Very strange read. I liked the voice of Patrick “Pussy” Braden, but the book was very dark. Generally, I go for dark subject matters... just look at my favorite films of the year, but I really didn’t want a tragic tale about Patrick “Pussy.” It could have been heartbreaking. Thankfully, Neil Jordan took all of the aspects that I liked about the book and tarted it up into a wonderful fairy tale that had me beaming for the duration of the film. And I could turn around right now