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First movie post of 2007

I'm still seeing movies, it just doesn't seem like it because I fail to write about them these days. I blame 2006 movies for this lapse. It is very difficult to convince myself to sit down and write about movies when I haven't been excited about anything I've seen. This last year was such a disappointment that I often skipped going out to the theater for weeks at a time. I have been getting out to at least one movie a week for years... until last year. And last summer, when I did muster up the ambition to leave my cozy apartment, I was often totally unimpressed by the movie. Unfortunately, in general 2006 was a very unsatisfying year at the movies. But despite this, apparently this wasn't reflected in ticket sales . But I'm happy to report an upturn in the movie trends. The late 2006/early 2007 films have been very good. In fact, most of the movies I've seen in the last month have been excellent. Among those were Volver, Children of Men, Blood Dia