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October Horror Movie Challenge

As many of you already know, I'm not a fan of the horror genre. I think this is solely due to the fact that I acquired my total movie addiction in the 1990s, and except for the duration of a high school, football-playing boyfriend who drug me to every horror movie playing, I avoided them. Wouldn't you after enduring The Lawnmower Man, Sleepwalkers, and The Hand that Rocks the Cradle with someone who thought they were good?

What I hadn't really considered was that many of the themes that bring me out to the theaters are horrific. Just considering some of my favorite films that I've seen this year: Eastern Promises, The Brave One, Sunshine, Sex and Death 101, Four Minutes, The Devil Came on Horseback, Red Road, Zodiac, Perfume... I haven't seen these movies called "horror movies" but an argument could be made for most of them. These are dark movies, and while it is often a dark or edgy sexuality component that makes a movie a must see for me, the edge bleeds into other areas so considering all of this time I'm spending in my pillow nest, this seems like a perfect opportunity to take part in the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge that my good friend, takes part in each year.

From his website, "The objective: watch 31 horror movies over the 31 days of October. The catch was that 16 of those viewings had to be new."

In a normal year, there is no way I could attempt this. I take in a couple of movies in the theater a week and another 1-2 at home, but any more then this and I can't get my normal chores done and the cats like to eat the the kitchen needs to stay clean so will still feed me. Plus, I already put my life on hold for the month of SIFF every year and really, I don't like horror that much, I didn't think. Well, I'm already not getting my chores done so what the hell. I need to keep my leg elevated when home somehow, may as well watch horror movies.

As expected, I'm behind. Due to my immobility I've been limited to what is at hand, as in my own movie library and what is on cable. So don't laugh too hard over the crap I've been watching... cable is to blame! Beware the total absence of fear on FearNet!

red=new to me

Death Proof (2007) Well, its Tarantino and has chicks kicking ass. You know I totally bought this the second it was available. And I totally dig it. Zoe Bell kicks so much ass. I love her. I might watch it again soon, plus when it isn't part of Grindhouse, the strip tease is intact and it is a hot strip tease. The video release also includes a really oddly creepy, toe licking scene. Check it out.

Halloween (1978) I won't spend any time on this one. Its a classic. You've all seen it, as had I, but it was on cable and I enjoy it.

Long Distance (2005) This sucked, but started out promising. Nicole dials a wrong number and is harassed by this caller since. It appears that he is calling her from the residences of the women he is killing and is moving closer with every call. I really liked Nicole (Monica Keena) and was really into the first half of the movie despite being a predictable, horror flick. Unfortunately, the end was a major let down when it goes from a traditional genre movie to ridiculous.

Stigmata (1999) I dig religious horror. I don't think there is anything quite as creepy as Catholicism. I think it might go back to my private school baptist upbringing, but despite being an atheist, there is something deeply troubling about the world of belief. In Stigmata, Paticia Arquette violently displays all of christ's wounds. You know, the stigmata, crown of thorns, and so on. A priest (Gabriel Byrne) comes to investigate and to save her life. Interesting movie, not particularly chilling or scary, but kinda cool at times for a movie watched on cable.

Calvaire (2004) Finally, an actual horror movie from FearNet On Demand. A singer is traveling to his next performance when he breaks down deep in the woods in Belgium. This is not the place to have car trouble. He is kidnapped and prevented from leaving in a small town where the locals fuck the livestock and seem to spend much of their time looking for lost pets. Truly fucked up movie and horrifying. Apparently, hicks are scary everywhere, even in Belgium.

The Invitation (2003) I'm going to save you from this movie by giving everything away. Lance Handricksen is a writer who invites all of his friends over for a dinner party where he poisons them. But like in any good made for television movie (Lifetime maybe?), somehow all of the dead guests are alive at the end and have learned deep life lessons from the experience.

I went to scarecrow last night so I might see a decent horror flick or two during this challenge. I will not suffer another movie like Invitation! So I rented 4 titles last night that I'm 100% certain will be better than these.


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