Saturday, May 24, 2008

SIFF 2008, Blog#1

The Mother of Tears
SIFF Series: Midnight Adrenalin
Dir: Dario Argento

The Mother of Tears is the third and final installment of Argento's trilogy that started with Susperia. And in The Mother of Tears, his daughter, Asia, steps into the lead role. And Mother shares a lot with its predecessors, including the sometimes erie, but more often silly Gobin soundtrack that, in this movie, tended to consist primarily of "Mother of Tears" whispered over electronic rock music.

If you don't want the movie spoiled, don't read too much further. The Mother of Tears is a good time if a scary monkey, geysers of blood, large bands of goth chicks marauding witches that stick their tongues out and say Blah, alchemists with ancient texts written story book style in modern English, glimpses of cannibalistic lesbian orgies (I think) and Asia Argento covered in sewage. This was all quite popular and met with much laughter and applause. But it should be noted that The Mother of Tears isn't a particularly good movie, just quite easy to enjoy in the early morning hours.

It is difficult to discuss exactly what is wrong with this movie, because there is so much, but I'm pretty certain that two scenes nicely sum up the problems.

First, one of the biggest developments is when Sarah (Asia) sees that ghost of her mother and discovers that her mother has been helping her escape from the murdering witches. From this point on, in any sticky situation, there's mommy's ghost hovering near helping Sarah by giving her pointers like "run", "get out now", and my favorite, "remember your special power." Sarah's special power is special indeed, and [GIANT SPOILER] allows her to disappear simply by concentrating, really hard. You can tell she cannot be seen because of the look on her face. Yes, an intense look of constipation concentration crosses her face as she hunches near the scary, murderous deformed men with the screaming monkey.

In another great scene, Sarah believes she is safe when she is reunited with her boyfriend, but he oddly has a nasty cold that gives him a cough. He is bundled in a giant scarf, complaining about the chill. and when Sarah tries to help him with soup or tea, he refuses.

Boy in scarf: No, I'm fine. Just a cold. Cough, cough.

Sarah: But you are injured. There's blood on your scarf. You need help. I'll take care of you.

Boy with blood gushing from his scarf: No its nothing. Blaaaaah. Bwaa-ha-ha. Cough-cough. No, I'm not possessed by demons/witches/supernatual forces. I love you Sarah.

Mommy ghost: Sarah, run! Run Sarah. You are not safe here!

Sarah: Mommy!!! Okay Mommy.

And then, when she faces the Mother of Tears, she defeats her by burning the Mother of Tears' shirt. Seriously.

Yes, it was hilarious. I wonder if it would have been if I hadn't seen it at an hour I am always curled up happily sleeping with a boy and several kitties? I guess there's a good reason to hold these screenings after midnight. It makes us all a little giddy and silly and thus, we have a blast at the horror flicks whether they are scary or just a bit silly.

So, it wasn't cool like Susperia, but was pretty damn hilarious.

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