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Inception: Dreaming a dream within a dream

From Blogger After seeing a film, I turn to film critics to aid in my mental digestion of what I've seen, as immediately after I am often at a loss as to what I really thought. Instead of concrete, coherent thoughts on a film, I instead experience an emotion, but this may or may not have anything to do with the experience of the film, but instead may have more to do with my own baggage that I brought to the cinema that day. So I ruminate, read what others thought and finally I am able to put into words what value I found in the film. Saturday morning was spent reading the critics that I get the most value from their writings to aid in this process. I visited Roger Ebert, the New York Times' film critics, and my favorite place for fascinating discussion on film criticism, Jim Emerson's Scanners blog. There what I read has left me stunned and considering how much what we expect to see when we go to the theater impacts the critique of the film. Don't get me wrong; I