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Favorites of 2010, in pictures

I didn't get out to nearly as many films as usual in 2010, but seems I've seen most of the noteworthy films that are going to be recognized at the various award shows and I doubt my personal favorites will get much recognition. For one thing, many of my favorites showed up early in the year and another is that not many people saw some of these and there are quite a few "genre films" among these. And what's particularly odd are the films that didn't make the cut that I was 100% certain would. Among these are Inception, The Fighter, Black Swan , and True Grit. Inception and Black Swan were disappointments, and The Fighter and True Grit just didn't resonate with me despite being fine films. And while I didn't see as many films in 2010, I still had more then 10 that could replaced some of the titles on this list, like Toy Story 3, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Secret in Their Eyes, and Vengeance. Not at bad year, really. The Ghost Writer (

Childhood favorites

Two nights of insomnia and an evening conversation has me trying to remember the movies I loved as a kid. The problem is that there are so many. I have always blamed Thelma and Louise for being the film that created my addiction, but after a couple of restless nights, I realized that this started much earlier. In the late 1070s, my mother bought her first VCR (VHS format) and she immediate set out to collect movies, in the days before they were available for home collectors. Early on, I remember seeing most of the Disney classics and westerns. Later, she moved on to collecting everything. The library grew to hundreds and then thousands of video tapes and my home became a regular location for movie nights. I wasn't allowed to participate, so I would crawl into the hallway at night and watch in the darkness. This is how I first saw Alien and Close Encounters and oddly, it is still the Spielberg movie that chills me. My childhood wasn't typical. My parents were not fond of ki