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Last days of celluloid

I've been wanting to say something about the sad news that motion picture film cameras are no longer being made which was quickly followed by the news that movie houses will no longer be able to project 35mm prints due to the switch to digital distribution. This change in medium has been readily apparent for quite some time. Since moving to Seattle and attending SIFF, it quickly became obvious just how many small, independent films were being shot and projected digitally. They were easy to spot due to the darker picture and lower resolution, but over time, film shot digitally became less obvious. Some of this might be due to improvements in digital technology, but I'm still skeptical. Mostly, because of my own experience with still photography. I am the proud owner of an old, Nikon 35mm film camera. It has been years since I've studied photography, but took photography in high school and again in graduate school when I realized that the darkroom was open to anyone who paid