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Memorable Cinematic Moments of 2011

It was a dark, misanthropic year at the movies, colored by the on-going economic crisis 2011 was full of movies about the end of the world, the ever-widening gap between the haves and have nots, and corruption. However, there was also a large number of funny, hopeful films that demonstrate a more progressive ideology than typically seen at the movies. While I still haven't seen too many of the most talked about films of last year (i.e.Tree of Life and Melancholia), my final tally was 95 movies watched this year in the theater. Not too shabby. And these are among my favorites:

1. Poetry (2010) Dir. Chang-dong Lee

I saw Poetry at the beginning of the year and it has taken months to fully digest its importance. Early in the film, Mija (Jeong-hie Yun) is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and she is acutely aware of forgetting the names of things, well of forgetting in general. She has enrolled in a poetry class and throughout is attempting to write a poem and to look at the world …