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The Innkeepers

For years, I avoided horror movies. I've justified this with a decade's worth of really awful Stephen King adaptations, that I endured during the dating high school boys phase of my life. But the Innkeepers is a solid reminder as to the real reason I typically have avoided scary movies on the big screen and the Innkeepers was just unsettling enough to prevent a truly restful night. During its final weekend before the doors of the Yankee Pedlar Inn shut forever, Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) keep each other company working the front desk with stave away boredom with tales of the ghosts that inhabit the inn. The only guests are a mother and son escaping an abusive family for the weekend and an aged, actress turned psychic, in town for a convention. So there are few distractions for the ambition-less front desk clerks as they set up recording equipment around the hotel in search of some real evidence of a supernatural presence. Ti West unfolds the atmospheric sca