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9 Songs

To get back in the habit of regularly making movie posts, I opted to try Christianne Benedict's  Netflix Roulette . Instead of selecting a film totally at random from a specific genre, I simply selected one of the films in my NetFlix queue. I have all sorts of random things in there from fairly recent films to classics, television series, foreign films, documentary, really anything that sounded interesting and as a result, there are hundreds of films listed there. This frequently makes chooseing one a time consuming task, so I liked the idea of using a random number generator to select something. If I were unlucky enough to land on a television series, I would simply generate another random number. Well, the lucky film was Micheal Winterbottom's 9 Songs .   One of my not so secret cinematic interests is in the depiction of human sexuality on film and 9 Songs has a tremendous amount of graphic on-screen sex. Winterbottom has created a film that shows Matt, an English