Thursday, November 15, 2012

The VCR that Dripped Blood

The VCR That Dripped Blood trailer from brian alter on Vimeo.

#28 The VCR That Dripped Blood (2012) FTV

The art of the video collage has taken over Seattle movie town. It began with Scarecrow Video's Viva VHS! in 2009, which was a celebration of a diverse and hysterical collection of oddities that can only be found on VHS. Well, this tradition of the Scarecrow compiled collection of clips that can only be found on a dusty and completely forgotten about VHS tape has continued with multiple installments in the last year. In a collaboration with the Grand Illusion Cinema, VHSXMAS, The VHS Variety Special, Sport, Leisure and Video Tape, and just in time for Halloween, The VCR That Dripped Blood have all played to enthusiastic audiences.

The VCR That Dripped Blood is a humorous compilation of clips from horror movies and televised Halloween specials featuring Alice Cooper, the Grey Seal Puppet Show's Monster Show, deadly blenders, zombie fitness, a killer jack in the box and other deadly toys, killer house cats, and some low brow dancing skeleton special effects created by painting neon bones onto dancers' bodysuits. These video montages are best enjoyed with a large audience that isn't afraid to laugh at the absurdity of the straight to video horror movies of the 1980s, singing monster muppets, and an uncomfortably long shot of a man eating cookies in bed. For those old enough to remember the days before DVDs and streaming movies, this was a nostalgic journey into a time when it was common to see a Halloween special of Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare and the ubiquity of Vincent Price introductions. That may have been my biggest disappointment was that there were not more repetition of Vincent Price. Seems he used to host every late night, televised horror movie and Halloween variety show. He probably even appeared on MTV during the most frightening month of the year.

The real danger of The VCR That Dripped Blood is the infectious monster show song, that weeks later, I'm still humming. That and a sudden fear of my kitchen mixer.

I anticipate that these compilations will begin to appear in cities across the country. Alamo Drafthouse has shown Viva VHS! and  VHS Variety Special is currently heading to the Hollywood Theater in Portland. So beware, one day, The VCR That Dripped Blood just might show up at some, independent cinema outside of the Seattle area.

October Horror Movie Challenge Tally: 28 total, 24 first time viewings.

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