Friday, May 31, 2013

Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls...

Where does one begin? Peaches Does Herself is a German concert movie of Peaches. Written by, Directed by and starring Peaches. But how does one describe this experience?

Normally, I skip the Face the Music program of films at SIFF each year, but Peaches Does Herself was described as the queerest film in the festival. As it turns out, I knew exactly one Peaches song prior and still know little to nothing about her, but it didn't matter. I enjoyed the music and most of all, I loved her persona. Her sexuality was on display and was not only unapologetic, but read as loud as if it were a billboard with "fuck normalcy and judgement, this is who I am" in bright pink neon.

To give an overall impression of the film, I've decided just to lay out what happens along with stills. I suspect that is the best I can do for readers to decide whether this is something they should seek out. The film begins in Peaches' bedroom and after the dancers climb through a giant vulva in her bed a very pink clad orgy ensues.

Then there are confrontations and several more numbers that lead to Peaches having an operation that enhances her breasts and gives her a huge penis. And then, Peaches finds love.

So Peaches gets married married, but it doesn't last. Finally Peaches is alone with an exploded penis and popped boobs. But during this narrative of sorts are some great songs, pretty boys, girls, girly boys, gently girls, dancing, the Naked Cowgirl, giant vulvas, and so much more.

And the only song I knew by Peaches before only appears as she bikes away into the streets of Berlin, singing "Huh? What? Right. Uhh.... Fuck the pain away... Fuck the pain away..."

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