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Rock Me Amadeus

A few years back, I brought my vinyl collection home from my mother's as we had purchased a record player and as a result, I collect records again and listen to music. It was strange, but with the transition to digital, I started listening to podcasts and completely stopped listening to music. In fact, I purchased maybe one new album per year over the last couple of decades. Bringing home the music I collected in my early teen years was eye opening. I still loved it and still love music. Is it the format? I remember the controversy over the switch to CDs somehow changing the music listening experience, but it seemed irrelevant at the time. Was it due to life changes? No clue, but I am listening to music again and loving it.I didn't manage to find all of my collection at my mother's house. I remember having a small stack of 45s that I don't know what happened to. Among them was the first record I remember purchasing, Rock Me Amadeus by FALCO. Pictured is the 45 found at…