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2021 Psychotronic Challenge

 It the time of year to delve deep into the horror genre. This year, I'm using Scarecrow Video's 2021 Psychotronic Challenge as a guide. I'm finding that in order to meet the challenge, I'm re-watching instread of doing a lot of first time viewings this year, but it is good to dust off the videos and DVDs hiding in the back of the media cabinet as I remember the movies that meet the criteria. Also, I'm ignoring that these are supposed to be low-budget and just sticking to anything that would fall into the horror genre.  Day 1 -  "RE-ANIMATED: Businesses are opening back up and things are getting back to “normal” so to kick things off you get to watch a movie where something gets brought back to life. We’re baaaaaack!" Kicked off the month with Demon Seed (1977) after seeing a trailer for the film and being curious about a movie where Julie Christy is impregnated by a demon. Well, it wasn't that. She was instead taken captive and experimented on by her